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be converted into the less soluble basic salts and preeipitate from the

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of these animals might, to a limited extent, be advantageously

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Many of the cases described as " sclerema neonatorum " have really

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of the mind. If a person deprived of sight has acquire^ a great

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hot Aveather at the end of this last month, he, like many of the other

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having for every one who came in. I told her that I meant no fool-

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In the fourth chapter. Dr. Walshe considers the local

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the mother's heredity alone, (d) Father, with many members of the family;

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exhausted the words of praise, in recommending this

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Vaccinia. — The experiments were made with freshly ex-

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nosis of spindle - celled sarcoma established by the

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diagnosis of abscess. The diagnosis, therefore, lay,

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the candidate's qualifications to become a superintend-

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fully — for only as medicine is reduced from its present comparative

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to utt« r. Ihey are essentially the sen- jjlace the establishment above the useful

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arise from ulceration of the mucous membrane which has penetrated

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money. They do not seem to care whether it is acquired honorably

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the character of a professional brother. In conclusion, the author

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[From THE JOURNAL OF HYGIENE, Vol. XIV, No. 4, December 23, 19U.]

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chondria with pains passing through the left shoulder. She has generally

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the projecting liead of the astragalus covered by the

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chester, 35-10; in London, 3.5-71; in Newcastle-on-Tyne,

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lustrate the marvellous diversity of characters which

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Dr. Minot remarked that such cases are by no means rare. He had seen

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bronchial membrane itself, even when the lungs are completely

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-''-•"i-K-u,.,v„„t.,. a . , "'."7V' "-"-■.'^'i"., .,„a

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sure, we know that benefit is obtained by the use of small

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acid; this is not the case with kreatinin. Salkowski claims that if kreatinin is present,

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over the surface of the joint. This is easily done by attaching

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epidemic dysentery, which, as is well known, carried off the

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Without extension there is great danger from shortening and perma-

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was presented by Dr. Chas. J. Lumly, of Detroit. The

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It is very common in Japan, and is found in China, Korea, and

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with a work of a strictly scientific character, and one which must prove

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quite well.' My friend and former colleague. Prof. Rogers, of Louisville,

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hardly be looked for. The urine, in health, is con-

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operation of version, which in their days was little known. Influenced

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sense of constriction, as if it was drawn towards the back ; and this

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product of inflammation of the spinal cord, as of that of the brain, is the

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ence). The fractured femur was immediately placed iu one of Professor

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applied to the abdomen. The medicines he took remained

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the vocal cords would be due either to the implication of the accessory