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found in the cultures, but on changing the medium, filaments and

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ing, as it were, in many different portions of it at the same time,

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complaint of injury to the neck, nor was there any bruising. Ex-

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from careful drawings which he had taken of Case 1 : —

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the resurrection of the fatal instrument named after him, but claim

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somnia I sometimes add a small dose of codeine and rarely employ

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" Gasterine " ^ in Secondary Anaemia. — In reference to the first of

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defective in power, and we take your Resolution No. 4 to be an admission of

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"Judging from our own experience, about one-third of the cases of

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Evans, one of the clinical clerks of Ward VIL, was the following : —

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Oxaluria arises especially in the following conditions: neurasthenia

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dose of bicarbonate of soda in powder or tablets, or as soda-mint tablets,

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its fengs twice or thrice into the flesh of the other cobra, which was

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Certain standard conditions are considered essential to the

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12^^. — He seems rather better to-day: pulse 84; skin moist;

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damp and evenly warm, loses some of its irritability, so that the nervous

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and XX. Twenty-seven five-hour tests were tried, and six, or 22 per

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In a certain proportion of cases, nearly 1 in 3|, the foetal occiput

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the cysts must have been of great size when they ruptured, the de-

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Subculture Media, Standard broth. Reaction, +1.5. Quantity, 10 cc.

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virulent plague baciUi is shown by the fact that pus from a bubo

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and therefore I know it was many times practised without doing

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booklets. There was no possible sign by which this very remark-

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bodies, rabbits were inoculated with small quantities of Shiga

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normal tone of the vessels, as in the case of a well man. Above all, he

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intervals of three hours, chloroformed, mixed, and analyzed at the

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forms of puerperal mania are generally recognised — mania, more or

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Wright, by saturating the cotton stopper with a strong solution of

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time taxing the digestion, we may add an egg, well cooked cereal,

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health, and is necessary to its continuance. It is otherwise in other

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foot-bath, and administer internally some diaphoretic. A favorite pre-

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diminished phagocytosis of pneumococci, streptococci, and staphy-

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fpoles of an elemental drop of water, which is such that this (urea) matter will be