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servation went for nothing. The exactions of a fee-bill were

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this is due to the fact that to obtain a serum of a certain antitoxic value,

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—17. Stewart, N. "Convulsive Melancholia," Med. Pec. 1897-8, i. pp. 265-267.

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Brothers Co. 1902. pp. 631. Price, cloth, $2.50 net.

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the fly. From these eggs the larvae are hatched in a few

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tion, three years), and glandular injections late of occurring, and

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" The entire medical staff of the hospital desires re-

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to which I have previously referred, then the aerial transmission of these

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ment and inactivity that his treatment often entails, of

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attract thither an excessive amount of blood. This phenomenon, indeed,

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1480. He confesses, that, acute pneumonia, and tubercles, oc-

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basis of marked and usually progressive physical disability which

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attacked at the same time, and at seasons when their production can best

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proved, it is the duty of every one to recommend pri-

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tested dissolved toxins of pollen on 9 individuals, sufferers

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Fig. 3. — The growth differs in some respects from those shown in

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mycelium. At the periphery of the granule the threads are radially

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proved to be a cause. It is a minute diplococcus, streptococcal

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remove the diseased spleen or cut off a slice of •the

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Biilliii (H. T.) A ease ot trephining for traumatic epi-

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** Cross : A Case of Lymphadenoma Accompanied by Features

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temperature be high, he orders a stimulant, and from a basin pours

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We have in this List eight cases, with four deaths and four recoveries.