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in urinary sediment (Uriola) do not give reliable information. Bile in the urine is

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The stimulating wash, which is followed most rapidly by benefit, is

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1. Small-pox, though in general attacking the same individual

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increased severity. During the summer, they got progres-

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from St. Andrew's CJiurchyard lo level Holbom Hill, l,f>iidoii, Ibe

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consistent \<f\t\i the existence of malignant disease,

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The necessity of a provision of this kind has been made apparent to this

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Edgar Cox, St. Thomas's Hospital ; John Lloyd Roberts, General

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afterwards. So I did not see the child. I could not attend the post-mortem,

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Kitchin, Thurman D., Wake Forest, Jeff. Med. Coll., 1908 1908 1908

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possible. Its morbid effects are less in proportion as it is quickly arrested,

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asymmetry their loss entails, is wholly unjustifiable.

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been rapidly developed ; and this, I believe, for the reason that not only

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the solid walls of the thorax, occasioned by the motions within.

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pathological doctrine embodied is that inflammation of

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cholera rests, not upon the description of the heart and lungs

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rr^i. - . r . surface backward and the meniscus found at the poste-

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the deposition of ossific matter, " as the natural means of re-

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densely staining pyknotic nuclei and oxyphilic protoplasm are encoun-

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bling what is seen in old abscesses. Post-mortem disclosures prove

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portal types. These experiences, however, have been too recent to en-

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were perfectly empty, of a corpse-like pallor, and displayed not a trace

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land. We have the best legal authority for assuming that the

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eing due to its large content of calcium in combination with its

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who made no pretension to be anything more than a plain

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before breakfast, the patient remaining in bed throughout

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Hosslin states that sodium bicarbonate without much fluid reduces albumi-

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XXXIX. In the lowest part of the water-shed of Shore valley,

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it was sufficient encouragement to continue it. In three or ftnir minutes

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nothing certain is known. Treatment up to the present

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ing and riding; and 2, because in this country, as yet, it

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tively. Kangaroo tendon was used to bring together the muscles

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active were that for Internal Medicine, and the least

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seventy-five doctors in our county, and can scarcely get

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perspiratory glands, causing a notable untimely weeping of the

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never associated with fibrinous pneumonia. There may be a

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metabolism of 35-5 grammes of protein daily, which, even after

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against this theory, more has been done to support it.

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be made payable to Mr. James Lccas, 11, New Burlingtcn-