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culture were mixed with one part of fresh blood serum

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mention syphilitic strictures, strictures resulting from thickening of

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casionally pain with a slight twitching in the muscles of

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in this direction. Among the inmates of certain wards

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It is no easy task at this early day to give a comprehensive sum-

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nephritis which are not dependent upon an antecedent febrile

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"running down" during the month of July. Late in the

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habitants of the Alps, and other mountainous countries bordering

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w&te never touched by man, to get them with child 5 and that

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and this solely with the view of inciting public attention toward

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It would appear, however, from observation in this country, where the

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surface. Applications of a weak tincture of iodine and absolute rest

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the profession about blood-letting was undergoing a

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was frequent. The mucous glands usually presented mucoid degenera-

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that a mind’s ultimate capacity may be predestined by such

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for my purpose that they are comparatively so ; being

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capite. There are two other skulls in this collection^ being those of two

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years, male, employed in a brewery, loading the teams.

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a certain degree, it is necessary to inoculate them with the serum of animals re-

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Almost always by this means a better functional result may be

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July iitk, A.M. — Worse; dyspnoea and restlessness in-

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the febrile attacks, as if these attacks depended on and were symptomatic

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a tendency to faintness of the patient occurred, but the

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forms lie in the tissues, lymphatics, or blood-vessels ; and whose young

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tuberculous lesions, although they have succumbed to diseases of the

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all the inmates were sent to the country branch of the

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modifications, the development of which, as well as of the abdominal

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growth by shaking them with a solution of soap prepared by com-

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incidental invasion of the trachea on microscopic examina-

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an account of the ceremony, and states that it was per-

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the infiltration into its crevices of numbers of mononuclear Vv'ander-

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the infiltration into its crevices of numbers of mononuclear Vv'ander-

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slipping ; but until grooves are made wide enough and

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drowning, water gets into the air passages and mechanically shuts

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This affection began at the age of fourteen years, and

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may be no pronounced emaciation at first, and but little loss

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extinguish for awhile both volition and the senses, but may

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VI. On some Points in the Pathology and Morbid Anatomy of Glaucoma,