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George would cost $100,000,000, but this is a sum not consider-

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sidered as elements in the genesis of neuroses. N. York

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borne; malaria is mosquito-borne. Remedies: Tea-kettle, rat-trap,

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secretion varies in different cases : when it is deficient, the case is

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(2) Tuberculous Ulceration of the Pharynx and Larynx ... ... 118

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days, after a single application. Relapses are rare after treatment by bichromate

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The subjoined extract is from the meteorological register for 1854, kept at

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— cancer, 1 — cholera infantum, 10 — consumption, 9 — convulsions, 2 — r-ruu)), 1— debility, 3 — diarrliwa, 4

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disease. Sometimes cases have occurred in which the spinal element has been absent,

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extra-thoracic portion may be drawn down so as event-

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8. Disease of Circulatory Apparahis. High altitudes is a menace to all

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