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during four Winter and four Summer Sessions, and the Medical Prac-

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unfavourable opinion ; in fact, I thought she would not live through the

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the bones were softened; the femur was cut through easily with a

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brings more of the head under the grip of the blades. Its greater im-

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ture are again fairly balanced. The health-.agents of the sea-side assist

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Dr. Styrap is not here, his proposal cannot be entertained.

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lular tissue ; Willis and Vieussens to the agency of the nerves ; and

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Savory, F.R.S. and F.R.C.S., and C. Lestourgeon, M.A., F.R.C.S.,

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were of jjreat interest. It seemed that the fluid of hydatid cysts could

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a practical knowledge of Vaccination is also required.

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the granulations soft and flabby. From Saarbriick I went into France,

amoxicillin 400mg/5ml for 1 year old

giving such assistance among the German hospitals as his surgical edu-

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Lanchester, Croydon ; The Secretary of the Clinical Society ; The Secretary of

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tening out the sternum, and producing congestion of the right side f

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fibroid of the size of the thumb stuck into the substance of the womb,

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clavicular articulation, and, after fracturing a couple of ribs, was cut

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Ion" the upper end liaving a knot to prevent it from slipping tlirough

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eye there was a leucoma, which occupied nearly a quarter of the cornea.

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destitute of perfume are said not to produce ozone. The Professor,

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form, which permits the surgeon to recommend operations which

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of a hen's egg ; the skin over it was becoming red and hot, and lluctua-

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Case xii. — Galliard, chassmr u pUd, was struck on the Ist Sep-

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and German ; he was slightly wounded in the foot. They were all

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involved. Ten days .ago, slie first had puffiness of the face, and at the

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registrars are left to their own resources in finding out the occurrence

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would lend money at this rate of interest to enable parish authorities,

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fessor for the time being ; their attendance will be ascertained by calling

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He took a graver view of it, and expressed his opinion that there was

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should he fail to graduate. The Examination shall be conducted both

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The sulphate of zinc may also be used as just explained, beginning

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that several outbreaks of scarlet fever in a bathing town in Scotland had

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1S65 and 1866 call for no special remark. The causes at work were