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September 15-16, 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Presented by

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other infections. When it is necessary to use human lymph it should be

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oftener subnormal. Pulse 80-90 ; respiration 24. Four teeth are

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of an aperient (three or four ounces of olive-oil, even more if

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responsible for the patient's death, which is as much as to say the

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This collateral system, described by Ramon y Cajal, is the seat of constant

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and that the glasses are properly centered and adjusted. In

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them, and telling them what a menace they are to those who surround

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They could take Continental diplomas, and those of King and

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of slough ; the skin was cold and clammy ; \ cord an instance that came under our notice

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chronic disease of the joint is seldom if ever advisable, since

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evidently due to direct action upon the kidney epithelium.

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vanced that every pain seems to promise the delivery

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region subsiding ; its temperature 96°, on the left 9S'. There

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be blamed." No preventive measures offer any security, and

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beats sixty, seventy, and eighty years without wear)ring."

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According to Prof 8., the small number of cases in which the permanent re-

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an epithelial degeneration of the os uteri two 11:06 a. m. Suturing begun,

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few years, most of this kind of work, except for the ubiquitous piece

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publication, subscription, or advertising department of this Journal,

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fever, and the proportion of patients showing the plasmodia before or

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Superintendent, will be given sufficient help to ful-

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is frequently mistaken for heart disease. Not long ago I had a boy sent

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exacerbations. Opium and antispasmodic remedies are important in pro-

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This melancholy superiority which has become so percep-^

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poorer, his patients leave him, and the annual report

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to as much as 1 \ inches. This, which I can readily believe, serves to

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followed by sweating. The diagnosis of enteric fever

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During the past winter I have had occasion repeatedly to use