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Dr. Alexander s Medical Commentaries on Puerperal Fever Vermination
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he shall have been duly examined and approbated by the censors
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Such a course however would Ik too dangerous to be maintained.
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occur in children with very little recognizable cause. While indi
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operation and leave no cause for hernia or obstruction.
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of the nominated persons shall be sent to each member of the Council
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October. The child lies on her side with back arched legs extended and
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the cooperation of all concerned in checking the demoral
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thus diminished but there was a distinct history of renal colic and
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where the dead foliage or debris collects so that fire
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Let us consider for a moment the characteristics of the tv o
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ing engrafted upon an already inherently predisposed brain or one so
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of hypochlorite solutions which should be less than
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declares the following matters to be deemed nuisances liable at
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so affected are the long bones with their articular
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Dr. Browning has since informed me that he recently at my
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tions which he made for me from material in Dr. La
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the diagnosis of syphilitic infection. The method of diag
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one of our probable sources of infection in the human family
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may be due to the rare chronic cerebritis or cerebral hypertrophy described
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patient is suffering from Bright s disease. Once estab
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and bone injured by infection at the neighbouring marrow and
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Haller. This distinguished scholar who has been called the father
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cational background interests and practice preference