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Ovariotomy, although no longer considered an uncom-

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as, for instance, some acute infectious disease, the sudden onset with haema-

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poor victims of the suicidal epidemics which have cropped

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with a condition where the final cleavage of the benzine ring represented

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corrhea, if of gonorrheal origin, subsides. The danger

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more purulent than that from the other two. Rodent ulcer

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in pneumonia. If jaundice occurred only with pneumonia which involved the lower

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aid the physician in his struggle against disease, but

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Hospital or a recognised School of Pharmacy, or a year in

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" During the epidemic of 1845, and I believe in former epidemics

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list for the first quarter was as follows: 1900, 46.80; 1901, 38.19;

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good number of them, however, are of mixed stock. The

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same time. In the course of two or three days the rash gradually disap-

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tie ; hypertrophy of the tongue, etc., were given as etio-

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diminished. The cornea is to be carefully inspected once

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and materialistic doctrines; we imagine it would be equally unsatisfactory

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The President said there were many points in the paper of great

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ous; meningitis, endocarditis, pericarditis, nephritis,

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be considered, and it may be said at the outset that while certain

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is much more difficult. Examination of the writer's patients showed

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the administration of opium for the relief of pain, and both of

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vomitini^, followed l)y intense pains, which kept him

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these tasks, it is readily evident that all of our efforts

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no paid trained nurse on duty hy night, even in two cases for as many as

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lecturers on mental diseases lasting two weeks. This Mental

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worse for wear; others in the neat bluish-grey uni-

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scopic appearances. He in the kindest way took the trouble to ex-

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d'byg., Par., 1887. 3. s., xvii, 97-12U. Also: Eec. d. trav.

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extracted from the wound by the successftd application

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t-akes brains now-a-days to make a medical journal a* success. The read-

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son. I removed the mass, going down to and including

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of some sort, either accompanied by injury to the head or

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retro-versions and flexions. I commence the treatment almost

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ent or absent, except by withdrawal and examination

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and judiciously remarks, that the neglect of bleeding in catarrhal

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Chest and Throat ; Eliza H. Root, M. D., Isabel R. Copp,

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six hours for a day or two — with the ol)ject of de-