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watery solution affected the eyes of dogs and cats in the char-

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a large cloth be saturated in red wine of aloes, and placed

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eyestrain. Window shades that lessen instead of increase

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described as the large white kidney, although, as has been already men-

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time. Finally, the living fibre becomes habituated to the

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and at my age, as soon as the inflammatory stage has run its course: it is

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out fail, but I understand that, owing to a slight illness, it was impossible

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pay for itself, but that time is not near at hand, and, with the water

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bronchi are also flooded with fluid, present quite uniformly fine bubbling

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gitis, 189; meningitis and acute diseases of brain, 372; apoplexy, 229;

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jor crimes, there is an inherent admission of the princi-

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socalled ''chicken breast," are frequently due to mouth-

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to 1849, he was physician to the Boston Dispensary, was con-

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When I was in London, Dr. Turnbull was preparing a work on

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The second class of the functions belonging to the species, and

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G. Frank Lydston, M.D., Chicago, Professor of Genito- Urinary

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most scrupulous care should be taken to guard against such mis-

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posed to read from a thick bundle of prescriptions the

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number of cases, and if present in one attack is most likely present in

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ability on the part of the vagus. Before giving atropine, the

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with a Chinese doctor of the old style. I have also referred largely to

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of animals, we feel justified in expressing the opinion that the

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occafions a diminution in the diameter of the inteftinal canal,

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laity to put the stamp of everlasting disapproval upon the

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a table -spoonful of Oleum Morrhuod three times a-day, and the following mitxure : —

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This book is wide, as it covers the ground of bacteriology, pathology and histology.

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herself; so I concluded to operate upon the other arm

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becoming putrid. The soft parts beneath became also affected,

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tion ; 5 cases terminated fatally, a mortality of 20%. Anti-

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enschr., 1895, 29 (see also p. 704). Pick, Hiimorrhagische Diathese, Prager med.

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powers; then it passes rapidly into decline. Consequently, for

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rest in bed, and mild purgatives are the measures to be adopted. Strych-

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performed the operation without previously trying an explora-

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upon any club-foot shoe or brace nullifies the action of the

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sick for the past three months; always well until this; com-

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microscopes the mirrors are provided with universal joints, so that they

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