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JuurnaU Esquirol, chief physician to the Hospice de Charenton, and author of a
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medicine; but even at tlie present day, it is occasionally endemic in Iceland
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for the same symptom in different cases. If old Doctor
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was but one placenta. Patient continued to vomit incessantly until the birth of
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not by physics, but by a diet suitable for constipation
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thing, rather rose in the Opposite direction. Then an instant before
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30f/i. No marked improvement while awake, but it was noticed that
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deserves very great credit for the trouble he took to make him-
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of the right eye (which was the better of the two) largely dilated, but the
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artery which can be reached and tied off the condition is
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mature. I find, however, a case recorded by Spiegelberg in wnich
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in the abscence of any local symptom at the outset, to establish the existence of
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and a spasmodical affection of the abdomen and legs; he was exceedingly
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IVom these transitory and less important kinds of albuminuria,
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cations. — Wiener Med. Wochenschrifi, 1867, Nos. 43, 44, 46, 53.
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in which venesection from the external jugular was performed, Mr. Carmichael
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kind. If Dr. Pearse is not already acquainted with it, we
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1868.] Ferqusson on Progress of Anatomy and Surgery. 418
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three weeks I have seen many patients operated on, for the radical cure of stut-
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