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susceptible of being recognised in the living body. (Figs. 427, 428.)
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repair when absolutely protected from the reach of the supposed
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tracheae can be seen running from back to front along the larva.
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The wards are distributed in pairs, in 13 totally isolated
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Dr. Stokes, with his usual kindness, gave me the benefit of his advice
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brings acute clinical cases to the surface. This view is supported by
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from the asylum in which he was confined, making his
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and gradually became feebler until he died. Dr. Gould
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strong trembling of his limbs, great restlessness, visual illusions,
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by _ r i*oups of eggs forcing their way towards the surface. We cannot
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adverse criticisms respecting these same gorgeous trappings, and
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the earlier stages ; another in the optical inconvenience which a large
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On Friday the section met again, under the presidencv of
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coloured, and (Edematous. In these cases, there is not only
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independently of auditory memories. It is considered evident that under
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exposed by a Sim's speculum, and grasped with a forceps in order
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Hubei-gritz (il.) Epilepsie in Folge eiuer Hertzkrank-
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said that the last information received from the Mauritius
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the other hand there were granulation tumors of the
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dance in the sputum. Its presence is revealed by the. usual bacterial stains,
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w^ork rapidly it will be better to use a cover glass. Put a cover glass
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Ludwig Mannheimer Loeb, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine.
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eating and drinking utensils, has been tainted with the typhoid germ.
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lime-water 8 oz. To correct acidity in the stomach, give 1 or
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ent organs. At the same time it is the sustainer of the organic
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means of a digest, to which there are numerical references in
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worthy act of the State Legislature, which wrested the government of the
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given. The Quinine may be given in pil Is, and the Muriate Tincture of
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(SjriegeP) mirror-cells. In the case of a freslily-extirpated
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perate alternative, and stuck to it because it seemed to
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in its behalf stronger testimony than that of Currie, a century ago, to the
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works of art. The landscape in our illustration could not possibly have had other than esthetic
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which could be traced to nothing else than his great and needless
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left to him — transporting himself along by means of his
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sory nerves, with which it often is associated in d-isease, and the lips have
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tion, even the brownish-red and reddish fluids in the stomachs of Alma
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have increased heat production (pyrexia), but owing
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ing an extensible arm at right angles. This carries at