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form of haematin and haemoglobin, or inorganic iron added to diet poor

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Two years later she noticed her abdomen increasing in

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I hope in appointing the committee you will put on it men who

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der Feder. Vorlaufige Mittheilung. Morphol. Jahrb.,

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taken more than ten days is a danger; sometimes it is a

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sideration only new infections. In the case of relapses the climatic

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mm., of which 4.4 mm. is duct and the remaining 6 mm. secreting portion.

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a test-tubeful of water a drop or two of a moderately strong solution

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of importance, as pleuro-pneumonia contagiosa, with which the

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but I don't know what more I can say on the subject. It seems

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especially ordered. In severe cases of shock, saline injections

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of us who do not have a systematic way of examining and treating

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has been expelled — the uterus feels firmly contracted to the hand — there

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in 8 per cent ; and (iv.) erythematous in 35 per cent (distinctly macular

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pronounced unfit for medicinal use ; but the principal

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worse because the patients are those in whom large losses

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of W. Busch, who had several tumours on the face, varying in size from a

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Two ossa innominata, the sacrum, and the coccyx inclose this

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the disease had existed in either the parents or grandparents. Of 80 cases

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nervous and sympathetic, the tympanitic distension and tenderness now, the

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Professor Heller, in an interesting paper, gives (Munchen. med.

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these fibers after their decussation is completed and in which

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Leasing & Management handled exclusively through Reno Stella

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stage, when the animal becomes choked with exudation^

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ill 1883, and up to date I have never been free from it. In 1883

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etc., as above, the clear filtrate, in which nitric

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side the original list of otorrhoea medicines known by me.

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oscillations. ThU rise was due to the formatioQ of an abscess in the tissues near the

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apparently identical with acrodermatitis perstans of Hallepeau.

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of drugs, however, it is important to remember that they must not

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Beckwith, M.D., Zanesville, O. ; W. H. Watson, M.D., Utica, N. Y. ;

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wrist, which is the site of jerky, rhythmical alternating movements

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judges himself to be the object of some foim of persecu-

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first where the needle is run into it and again at the

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cision, wash out abscess cavity with a carbolic solution

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extremities and of the sphincters. But, in these cases, you may hope for