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If bile-pigment is present the solution assumes an orange- red
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a sweetish, astringent, and afterwards metallic taste ;
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Diagnosis. — This depends upon the history, the rapid course, the
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atenolol (tenormin) 25 mg oral tab
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vent surgical interference up to the eleventh hour of the
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Sixty-first Annual Report of the Trustees of the Massachusetts General
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An example of this was lately furnished at the college
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Beaumont down, namely, the encouragement of scientific research.
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C. Holtzclaw had noticed the frequency of tuberculosis in county
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not to be misunderstood. ^' Contact of the sexes in the
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14. Marcy, H. O. : The cure of hernia by antiseptic use of animal
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strument can be adapted to any surgical operation in which it is
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tory results in the treatment of eczema with this acid.
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pass judgment upon the merits, the benefits, or the injuries
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occur in the not far distant future, whether the medical profes-
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any fit until after the inception of the severer symp-
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tain possible injurious effects which might be produced, the
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lessness will be more hurtful to the patient than a
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fact so emphatically stated, for it cannot, we think, be too early taught
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Bacteriology for Nurses. By Haery W. Carey, A.B., M.D.,
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XYII. Poisoned a Large Preghay^t Cat with three and a liaJf grains of
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be separated by tearing, but as every one who is familiar with
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cramp, just as there may be sick headaclie without the
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and treatment that should properly be obtainable in China. With
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to obstruction of the portal vessels by the newly formed connective
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more likely to occur in protracted cases than in those oi
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