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the studies of the previous year taking place. A final

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standardized with reasonable accuracy by nitrogen estimation or by

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know that several deaths had occurred from the disease

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Pelvic deformities are not uncommon, and are of no little importance in

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from Daniel Le Clerc, the brother of the Historian of Physic up to

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succession of violent expulsive coughs is followed by a long-

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surgeon if judiciously used for its evacuation. Pyoid

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of the serum immediately after admission of the child.

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hip-joint. Dr. Dawson, of Ohio, showed some specimens of

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tunate that the period of incubation of this disease is prolonged. This

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present such a welcome as would make them feel entirely at

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" If on any occasion," says Renouard, " a foreign physician

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age, what there is of it, is but a miserable apology for the thing it

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has crossed the ocean at the rate of three hundred and

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the intestine may, as Vulpian remarks, have for their object

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may bring frontal lobe tumors to diagnosis, while second-

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been able to separate an alkaloid, but that it was not poisonous, and

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definite quantities of fresh, moving air. To maintain these condi-

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question : " What differences exist between venous and arte-

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Mr. Levy is Vice President for Field Service of the

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shock, especially when both conditions exist at the same

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thus explained, the d^enerated muscle and its contained blood-vessels

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the womb, as well as engorgement of its mucosa, conse-

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duty to the sick, the wounded and the dying on the field of

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fruit trees. The walks are pleasant and well shaded,

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justifies me in advocating similar steps. After a personal experi-

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blood vessels after the age of 40. I have given but a broad, hasty

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and may improve the hearing to a great extent. It will be nec-

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ated with a daily flushing of the colon with two quarts

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tive Improvement for Ireland," promises that " legislative

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extracts contain little nutritive matter, although this, being in a state,

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them are the sporangia of plants Fig. 12 ; see Fig. 19. Fig. 20 is a peculiar

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