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The most important indication, however, in the treatment of all
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the heart ; sea-sickness ; illness ; inability to do literary
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treatment. A large splint that holds the whole palm
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Kleeberg in Odessa for fibroma operations. A short account of the eight cases
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stage or when the patient's condition is too critical,
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The wagons of the field hospital will be marked as prescribed in
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The very remarkable favor which has been bestowed upon this work, as manifested in the ex-
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drinking — indeed a high moral approbation, and a serious com-
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form, pigmentation of the skin and lesions of the nervous sys-
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1575, 8vo.) The book is dedicated to Thomas Stanhope, Esq., high
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large. The interests of the Profession seem to demand that
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powers of life, or impair the constitutional strength, is never the design of
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The University offers unusual facilities for a training in these sciences. On
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tion, combined with feelings of heat in the head, redness of the face, throbbing
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inhibitory nerves or centers, and by these control the reflex act
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is 0.5 percent. The overall incidence of syncope mav be reduced by proper
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its eflfects during an operation for vesico-vaginal fistula.
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rt of decussation of the pyramidal columns of the medulla oblongata.
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relation to present prognosis. The unfortunate experiences
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another man, two dogs and a cat. Sivyer has lately died, after four days'
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finest, under the name of nitrosalicylate of bismuth, has
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the urethra was rapidly dilated and a small stone extracted, when there was
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cally, but neither sufficient nor accurate pathologically.
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anus ; and that that portion alone of the glans penis is ever affected
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gleet? I have had cases of gonorrheal ulceration of
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Russian Jews, and two Italian hospitals by residents
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yield so rapidly, and it will be necessary to prescribe
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Case 2. Mrs. E., age 34. Family history negative. Diagnosis : tumor of the
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erally the auricles, has been attacked by the growth, where particles
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stained like the tubercle bacilli, as erroneous and dependent
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ing. Thinks the views of some of Dr. Rand's correspondents in