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grefs of the difeafe. But when the difeafe is more completely-

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the recognized situations for the opei'ation after 1 became aware

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pital at Soissons, had a preparation of the body of an infant, which

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the value of the test, and the Weil-Felix reaction in typhus is suffici-

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The infant was then treated and received cocci are in part dragged along with the

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diffuse. The , writer, however, emphasized the impor-

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listel. AVien. med. "Wcbnschr., 1895, xlv, 598; 651. Also

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spite of large amounts of liquor amnii, large children, or the most un-

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" On Monday the doctor treated the case as one of laryngeal

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bacillus with the swine-plague bacillus — a totally different organism

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drink enough to give the stomach a good rinsing out.

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southern provinces of France, preserved a pretty large part of

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monographs, and noted by Ashton (5) in his "Practice

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anemia, megaloblastic anemia, hypoprothrombinemia, methemoglobinemia, eosinophilia Allergic Reac-

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eye, and comprising animal, vegetable and mineral matter, and animal

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elasticity of the healthy lung exerts a sort of suction upon the inner

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which would otherwise be most atrocious' crimes. 7 It loZ be aW ?

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University, but to extend it to any university in the

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Nous avons donn^ par la bouche et par injection sous-cutan^e 5

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especially those of the lower extremities, become rigid ; they may also

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method, the part has been made sore, and that is all that has been done.

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If we leave the questions of international politics as too broad a

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tubules and renal pelvis — Cohnheim's excretion tuberculosis. The

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and the parasite been eradicated by quinin treatment.

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which he recalled that he had read a paper before the

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l>rHi\(j the last few years the therapeutic use of coca

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An examination thirty-six hours after death disclosed the

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Dr. Chase, for two reasons : First, because the author

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Other sj-mptoms are attributable to the loss of blood, and tav mariitd li

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The use of tuberculin is either stoutly decried or held

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She had these petit-mal in series every four to eigtit

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by clots to the flow of blood from the heart, so that a beat some-

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C4ise the lung clears up, mostly by absorption (digestion b;

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abdomen filled with blood following this operation from slipping of the

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during student-life in the principles of Forensic Medicine."

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services rendered to human beings. No one seemed to think

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Case 4. Aged 1 week. Showed a syphilitic pemphigus over the entire body ;

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young ladies an advertising compliment on the occasion of their

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