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1884, ix, 329-33J. — Carriere (G.) Recberches cepbalo-
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dency to contraction, to obviate which, as well as to prevent the
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actions, and the general manner of the patient." Ac-
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In the course of his memoir, the author did full and ample justice to M. Stas,
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Piedmont, Lombardy, and Venetia there were in 1883 12,882 cretins
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duodenum, and the appendix w^as long and free. The appendix
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Geh. Med.-Rat, o. Professor an der Universitat Gieben.
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parts about the scar, caused a portion of the latter to give way.
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the course of some weeks. We have seen, however, that there are
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lines throws the plane of the rotated trochanter "off centre" from
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should have the isolation of the left auditory word-centre brought about
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petition of the operations in the same sit« may never-
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titute of fibrin that it could be easily torn ; even the tendinous portions of the muscles
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ascendency that finally the restraints, not less of moral principle than of
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case, in controlling the pyrexia — not the tempera-
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Drs. M. H. Fletcher and C. M. Van Poole to escort the President-
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the fellows have been led to believe by the constant patronage and
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an almost unknown operation. Of the four great reme-
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they be hospital cases, and if the first operation has proved
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with it all the functions of life. This is no theory,
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obligation to the infant ; and not till then can it rest from its labors.
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noted, however, that systematic work, such as that with the blastomyces
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This I clearly found by the records of the Louisville
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with a testimonial, consiisting of a gold centre-seconds stop
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acid, an atom of metal is generally set free ; if a peroxide, an atom
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was, whether Mr. White discharged his duty to the best
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to have been the starting-point of marked alteration in
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carditis, but every stage between them. Again, with the diplococcus
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which are expelled by blowing the nose, while others are sucked into
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multiple. The affected area first presents a greenish-brown appearance; its
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necessity of the greater width of the splint than the
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together by little wedges of wood and a metal suture." Here are
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There is no doubt that the future of medicine lies in the domain of biolog-
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exert a powerful influence in predisposing to it, particularly
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produce at once a most gratifying improvement. Indeed, I came to
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by his studies of the inflammatory process on living frogs. It is true that,
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ing and purging. Tincture of rhubarb, tincture of colomba, and tinc-
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to the board of managers, who publish them in pamph-
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