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witli the discli;ui:e ffom the riirlif ventricle, causing as a result a staii
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diarrhoea, meteorism, and even the passage of blood. In my experience these
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0.5 to 2 per cent. When the estimate is made by bulk the albumin will be
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certain substances, the effect of which, when injected into animak, was not
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1891, and characterized by clonic, lightning-like contractions occurring
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nephritis together under the one term paranephritis, as used by many of the
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in the face. It begins in the manner already described, and only the limita-
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copious scciTtioii of p.-iiicitatic juice iiroduccd liy secretin, on the
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functions from the use of the fish, rendered it ne-
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valves a conclusion which is sustained by the fact that, if the aoit;-
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to a supplementary reservoir; any local plantation may be flooded at a
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increased metabolism induced by the thyroid secretion, setting more sulphur
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atiiiospheie develop rather (luickly, but after some time they graduall,\'
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the muscles, the heart, and probably the pigmentation. Such an effect nas
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f generally very characteristic. They often lower the body by bending the
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Another i)eenliaiily of the ])nInionary eirenlatioii is that the ealihei
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because of its general body form, should probably be classed as achondro-
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paranephritis, finding that it is twice as frequent in men as in women,
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become most pronounced, and the body assumes the most bizarre attitudes.
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Quest* upon lime metabolism in tetany. MdcCallum and Voegtlin have
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and Mitchell remarks that he has seen this distribution and suggests,
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lici'n di'si-rilird. Jml sinci' the inurli sinipliT indiri'rl inftlind ( pau'i' ."i."i I
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•adc tci clot liv the addition <if throniliin, and therefore of lilood serum.
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tricle which has lieeii made to cease heatiiii,' liy immersion in isotoni'
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any danger of this because the appetite is usually so poor that the endeavor
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the fresh." In this case there was probably cachexia thyropriva besides
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naud's disease. The spasm of the capillaries is probably a sort of "saueeze"
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cases, as in the use of the French term "thyroidite," the two conditions were
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:i!id a diminution or disappearance of the hunirer contractions. Kveii the
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The external or superficial deposit had taken place
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•hiiit in tlic skin, the intestine, and connective tissues, lint arc aliseiit
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(1897) found 5 men among 120 cases. The difference cannot be explained
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.11 known, but that it should be responsible for many of the cardio-