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(b) Curative. — The treatment of neurasthenia is much the same whether

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ring at intervals of about four weeks. They disappeared on going into

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the appropriate therapy, and enjoy the mental satis-

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have no trifling adventure to achieve : neither do we entertain

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and lead to an examination of the urine. These patients were

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were not severe, and were of very short duration. The

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Definition. — A chronic progressive disease, commencing usually as a

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cavity, this mass was found to be composed of numerous small

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emerged in this century, medicine has been an indispensable

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genus is the dipygus. This has a single body above, but a

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hlood is found as a rule only in adults. Annett, Button and

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mouth to mouth, but advocates Hufer'splan of cathete-

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of various stages of completeness, occurring in separate regions, or, at least,

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from the sea coast where it breeds. He finds swarms of this mosquito

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of his duties until the winter of 1852-53. In November 1853 he waa

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because there will be found complications of other diseases, differ-

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tebrae, in which position, if the disease should be

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about in the water to wash it. It is then stood on end to drain and allowed to

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continual noises in his head. Upon thel>reaking out of the erup-

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Dr. Van Gieson had but to say that he was gratified to hear

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extent, sometimes, by oral examination and conversation.

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fairness in counting against abstinence, and thus enhancing the credit

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latter, and almost always attain a higher grade than they do in the

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in a hag-ridden condition.' He suffered from a paralysis in his right

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occurrence of exceptions to the rule. Apart from the difficulty of discovering

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■riif inhibitory Action of Listerim " (128 pages)may be had upon application to fhemanvfacturers.

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The operation advised by Horsley and Eose, consists in making an incision

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stiffness in rotating the head. The piece of bone was exhibited.

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VGEKTS.— Dawboh Bros. , Montreal ; J. & A. McMitLA.N, St. John,

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positive is consumed more rapidly than the negative the

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the proneness to suppuration in the cellular tissue of the