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In acute, and most chronic diseases, the examination and
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He has indulged in no dictional scollops, no dizzy subtleties, and no vain
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children; febrile stage of inflammatory affections of the respira-
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the diseased body treated as a living body, which has been placed
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hemorrhage, and that use of this drug, I thought I would try it.
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specifically for a time, even better than the bromides, but it will
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ass when in liquor. He used to talk about his ances-
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the various forms of poisoning. When the stomach contains a
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will lessen the rapidity of its course, lessen the frequency of the
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may not know what it is, or how quinine antidotes it, we know
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The abdomen of a dog was opened and to avoid the possibility
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assisted the Neapolitans, took it to Spain, w^ience it passed
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poisons them. 'Hunter and Bell have both seen well char-
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the other hand, he valorously defeats ^'general Physics"
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On the Value of X-ray Examinations in the Dignosis of Ulcer of the
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auricle — a cavity which, however, has been found so much dilated
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necrosis of the tumor. Our solutions of colloidal sulphur, which
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disprove that climate may produce the same effect. They
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and young leaves, by pouring over them hot mutton tallow,
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significance, for if the usual means of transmission of the disease
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passages, with pricking, stinging pains and burning discharges;
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