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Hoeftmann (Centrnlhlatt, etc., February 18, 1882 >,

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unpleasant (and almost over-powering) was this sensation that she

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organism is an important medical point, as weU as being an

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One of those entered the institution convulsed, and continued thus till death,

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exert a disturbing and dangerous influence in the frequently grave emergencies where ergot is

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and guinea pigs used for the experiment should be stated. In general young

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commanded by a non-commissioned officer, mounted. The

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the deep silver-wire sutures, and that he was using

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tirpate it from a country in which it has already gained a

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to assert that non-sexual reproduction is of quite as common oc-

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milk substitute, such as oatmeal and linseed with skim milk,

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ent in most of the severer cases. Extreme anaemia and great

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ulus called forth active contractions, whilst in another animal no response

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a science, but the patience and practical skill of an art. At

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that the body hanging by the rope is left to its own weight, a great

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taining, and yet teaches children much about animals they ought

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obtaining the personal history of the patient, and of

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Switzerland, what great results might we not expect in the counties of the

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suffering either from acquired or hereditary syphilis, should certainly be

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element, as regulating these processes. He proved that nerves

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growth is similar to growth on above-named media, but not so abundant.

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If there is marked delirium, morphia in small doses, according to the age

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(probably the Annual Register of Events, a journal of that period)

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There is a fair number of multinucleated large cells present, such as one

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kept complaining bitterly that her heart had stopped, and the