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" Thymol : The directions usually given for thymol treatment are :
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mucous membrane, yet ihe arborizations, softenings, discoloraiions, &c.
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A Text-Book of Physiology. By M. Foster, M. A., M.D. , etc 231
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Examiner. the labors of the student. We most cordiiUy re-
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emeto-cathartic composed of tartar emetic and epsom salts. If the treat-
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Sir J. Hay wished to ask the First Lord of the Admiralty
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read for two months he had several epileptiform convulsions, and again
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' ' Oincer : its Varieties : their Histology and Diagnosis.' By Henry Arnott.
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ness. Take a bath daily, but if water is scarce at least wash the
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Paris. — The following are some of the prizes, with the
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organs with the trocar and cannula. (5) Injections of
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Let me say, right off, that the Presidential election has
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G. D. Macdonald, Esq., F.LC, etc., writes : " A rich and particularly
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much safer than the condition for which the operation
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of others a preponderance in males. Notably is the former the case in
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sicians to the Lying-in Department of the Pennsylvania Hospital, &&.
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If two or more were present this result would not occur.
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dona-leaves, A ^o tV per cent, or a variation of 250
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. Crawling in the fore part of the right foot, as after going
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tween the doses. When there is severe pain, as from neuralgia,
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together with local counter-irritation, all tend to
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and nitro-glycerine, aa l-120th of a grain administered hypodermi-
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means that the supply is always limited and sometimes we are
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Bladder full ; walls tliin and flaccid ; no contraction.
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Christophers and the writer, in Africa, found that parasites were present
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Canada Medical Journal. Edited by G. E. Fenwtck, M. D., and F. W.
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September IZtA, ten p.m. — Still not pulseless, f xxx. of saline injec-
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application of the X-rays there was a slight rebound to
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the sick and the attendants ? There is, says M. Donn6, no clear expla*
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mental disorders exclusively to mental causes. These few remarks open
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beriberi and ankylostomiasis. G. W. Giles, Surgeon, Indian Medical
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financial security after you stop practicing medicine.
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tannate is decomposed by alkaline preparations, but no
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to deal. Ganot defines sound as a sensation excited in
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the placenta by uterine action alone; he restricts the introduction of
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npon malaria. Maryland M, J., Bait., 1899, xli, 335-338.
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Par., 1894, 3. s., xxxi, 289-321.— Brower (D. R.) Tlie
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believe, that he knew he was wickedly misrepresenting.
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head of the pancreas. In the other he found at the oper-
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Dr. Early: I have a case I would like to put on record. A little
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McKethan, Jno. A., Fayetteville, N. C. Med. Coll., 1901 1901 1903