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cases, adolescent psychoses of a more partial kind are apt to occur ; such
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the operations of the body in instances where the impression
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patient attributing his pains and aches to the machinations of his foes.
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the act would not be wrong. It would be exempt from wrongness on
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German army, of painting with a 5 per cent chromic acid solution once a
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inclination of the head in the same direction ; protrusion of tongue when-
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night, and in such cases the patient suffers from loss of sleep.
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and bearing preserved his temper from suspicion. At the
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pale buff to a deepish brown, but sometimes are of greenish tint. They
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left side. The fits that follow epigastric aurae are very often severe.
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in permanently relieving the severe pain, but, if continued long enough,
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affection, but as a rule it begins before the eruption of varicella has
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Symptoms. — The commencement varies according to the degree in
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ligious belief that they ought not to receive any compensa-
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of congestions of the extremities after the type of Eaynaud's disease,
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in the majority of cases the symptoms indicated by it are sufficiently
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bed, even though he made water not five minutes before,
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cravings by the abuse of morphia, cocaine, and alcohol respectively.
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weight of the 10-ml of water at 20° C. is 9.972 gm, or
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creasote ; but the lesions so produced are either of the nature of an
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mode of action, as also that of the factor next to be spoken of.
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in the prickle cells immediately overlying them) is evidence of their
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With leprosy, sclerodermia, fibroma, and senile atrophy of the skin,
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are rarely capable of concerted action ; and when a lunatic is drawn into
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course most common on the face. A curious variety may be mentioned
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is obtained ; and I have sometimes not succeeded, even in milder forms
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disease in which the changes are so rapid and extensive as those in
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Eighteen of the cases ended fatally by marasmus, coma, or pulmonary
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fine arts his profession instead of his amusement ; and would
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gastric symptoms ; urine often abundant and of low specific gravity ;
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spasm detected and removed, that a cure is confidently to be expected ;
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as early as 1693 it was prevalent in Boston, It came from