tonic treatment. In this class of cases I find the tincture of nux

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given in the stages of oedema before severe degenerative changes of

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admitted to the Royal Free Hospital he rarely passed twenty four hours without

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tists proceed in the first instance intuitively and as we shall see

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The diseases which result from defect or arrest of development in

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Only two days ago one of the sweetest possible pair of black

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part of the follicle causing retention of the hair. Dr. Crocker who has

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blood coll. Blood count showed red cells leukocytes and per

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tumefactions of this disease and cut it up in small pieces to

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ophthalmological science recently made by Dalrymple Jacob Walton Wilde Cooper amp c.

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the science and art of medicine and should entertain a due respect

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despised affectation he abominated pretense he spurned

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Papers have been published by Knies and Weber to the effect

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mode appears to open up an enormous field for research both by the

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supposedly protected sheep and buffaloes against a virulent infection.

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serious affections being followed by sequelae that are frequently distressing

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time was ripe for the presentation of the whole field

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We were much pleased in the propositions adopted by the Teachers Con

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of the people. Nothing could be a greater evidence of quackery.

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