Of local applications ichthyol is at present much used. The inflamed

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diarrhea peritonitis for internal hemorrhages in mania

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In the excretions it is found as inorganic or ethereal sulphates and in

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rendered slightly alkaline for a short time and still display its digestive

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limited to wagging the head from side to side and feebly whining.

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tion. The patient was a boy about eight years of age who

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with advantage. There is however a general consensus of

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chief difference being that the carbon monoxide hemoglobin bands

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inde Oxonium denuo proficiscerer a quo primi belli calamitas

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removal of bullets from the ventricles. Fraser quoted two instances

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On a particular examination of his barometer Capt. Par

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of scrofula tubercle rheumatism the albuminoid degeneration of

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moving by tearing pulling or twisting forces which must obviously

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occur within a few hours but is more frequently delayed

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Professor of Diseases of the Mind and Nervous System.

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heard over the heart to the pulmonary cartilage. There is a moderate

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chest. The murmur subsided and the other physical signs dis

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Hint George Keble PuUic Health Research Institute of the City of

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cient for the development of chorea. Concerning hyp

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the speaker said So far as it touches our profession

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horses showed the antigen to be uniformly constant in its action

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affection presents itself. It appears as a rash on the forehead

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apply this train of reasoning to the organism of diph

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find it both invaluable and indispensable. By it alone

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minutes. Solutions strong enough to be germicidal are too irri

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increases with the venous pressure but not proportionally

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myogenic theory of cardiac activity these cases present a consider

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ligature was tied round its base as tight as it could be drawn.

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latter author had reported that in two hundred tubercu

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fractured forearm an expert had testified that proper

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monic nodule in the apex of the right lung. On the follow

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diseane to drink freely of a tea made of this herb on

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ed for a few seconds so that the superficial tissues of

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kind as though less in degree than those between the brain of an