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ing with the onset of pallor and with a loss of flesh.

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Hadra C. F. Paine Brittain and others both papers were on

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the ventral surface of the left kidney. The pelvis on this side shows

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less antagonism to Dr. Wiley s efforts to enforce the pure food

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case he has had under observation some half dozen others in

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Knee jerks slightly increased no Rhomberg pupils react to light and

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be speedily followed by inflammations of internal organs or that

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which shall be open to all registered members delegates and guests.

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take good care of himself. He should wear the bandage

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ili. character of the epithelium changes. The cells become shorter

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with a sensation of heat throbbing violent spasm preventing mic

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pasteurization unnecessary. Nothing is added to the nutritive

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upon the container thereof the Department is greatly hampered

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to violation of known principles in dietetics sleep and

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in sixty thousand cases and when he prefaces his remarks by

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with a few additional trappings such as nuns kneeling

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serious cardiac lesions the treatment called for com

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restricted sense in therapeutics is inconvenient Moreover it veils our ignorance by

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demonstrating truths which can never be determined by artificial

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that the pancreatic secretion manifests itself only