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tion is of great use and devoid of danger if antiseptically

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A stated quarterly meeting of the Norfolk District Medical Society

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characterized as in pigs by the presence of the Cysticercuscellu

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management of constipation. Their importance warrants their

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stain for elastic fibres but accurate study of the distribution and amount of

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nose the case as typhoid fever in the absence of the bacterio

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practitioners of the Niagara Peninsula and an able and

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poison so masks and alters the symptoms of typhoid fever that

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per cent. cases neither gained nor lost a weekly increase of to

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If any person holding a license under the provisions of this act

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race has reached the ancestral limit and escapes by the avenue

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but without the slightest feeling of nausea and without premonition.

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from Canada. The other Canadians present at the reception were

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in intertubular tissue of mucosa. The cysts are partly collapsed. Evidently

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our notice. You may also recollect that the Philadelphia

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the circle of the gut and allow the faeces to pass onwards

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Once the organism had been introduced the spread from case to

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