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terious or destructive rather than a reparative action on the injured

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Morphine and atropine are analogous in some of their

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visory Board available from the board supply limited.

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These papers were discussed by Drs. John H. Gibbon and

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physiology and pathology with the functional relations of the

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This case was very unpromising and from the excessive

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The patient did not react but died within twenty four

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during treatment by means of tape tied round the neck. After

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hemolytic streptococci of human and bovine origin will be readily

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was not so far advanced as when he came. He asked me to

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continued through the nostril. There was no haimophilic tendency

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hospital camp for the reception of the wounded. There

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and so often improperly applied not only in too many

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the ox and horse the writer has seen the action of purgatives hastened

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temporary arrest of hemorrhage under emergency conditions may be

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allowing the food to leave the stomach more readily and more quickly

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a progi essive increase in all the symptoms of both cardiac and renal

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Congress to enact because to such extent the statute

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ernment. The Government has given this matter some con

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by repeatedly exposing them to animals with experimental tuberculosis. Two years

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Council and that I have no wish that the Council should take any

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itself Is it worth while to cut off one avenue for the extension

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with him and that an old practitioner having a case

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preparations which are made from the serum of animals which have

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anthelmintic in their passage out of the body they excite the

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children from the Northern Hospital of Manchester whose diet con

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The indications for the use of antimony in pneumonia generally are very

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lymph glands abscesses suppurative catarrhs with a chemical

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some cases no blame should be attached to him as it

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not remember to have found any pus lodged in the thorax.

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demics. Owing to the absence through illness of the Chairman Dr.

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