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Dr. George B. Wood died at his residence in Philadelphia March

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First because wood is becoming more expensive every year.

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the right scapular region there is decided dulness. A

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are dry and he should sleep between woollen blankets. The diet

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agent should be suited to the state of the disease and

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dying on the field. The medical corps was of course

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ited the recurrent lesions but in other animals both sets of lesions

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But the agglutination reactions with the Bact. melitensis antiserum

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taining lung tissue and two containing meconium developed into pure cultures of

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part of our little volume on Soldier Health sent for twenty

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of a considerable area of induration. Although in most cases much

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keep this bit of physiology in mind. Belladonna is a

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consolidation. Bronchial breathing and increased vocal fremitus

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