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touching it or the palate. It is carried backwards until the

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substance will be found adhering to the skin these are the eggs

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human diphtheria. We possess no exact knowledge respecting

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patch of similar erythema was developed on the forehead towards the

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same time there were numerous epidemics of capillary

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albinism of the retina among the insane. Is there also

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relatives in the great affliction which has befallen them.

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would extend freely. The divided bones healed well by the

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plete in its detail that collateral reading may be largely

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stance having markedly different properties or when two or

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wing of the Gth Regiment. Their average age was years

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quired tendencies to disease by questioning the sick person in reference to

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severance which he witnessed in Mr. Hey contributed much

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below that used in accordance with the recommendation of rrofessor Lister.

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women who formerly were permitted to work in while lead produe

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Address correspondence to Dr Fox Professor of Humanities in Medicine

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felt by several students to whom the author pointed it out at

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some were not satisfied that the viscid opalescent mixture really possessed

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years old. We have given two drachms every half hour for

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cavity I believe not and indeed it is positively asserted

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The chloral eruption is usually of an erythematous type

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pean ports. Dr. Vanderpoel very properly lays great

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It is maintained by some of those who have contributed to the

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gone through. There may be frequent small discharges from the bowels

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of Great Britain and Ireland or elsewhere and which may be registered

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