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made along the lower pulmonary borders. Harrison s groove
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of the cases reported recovered with more or less l.nming.
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polished with a sheepskin or woollen cloth. th. His
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As indicated earlier in this paper we are more especially con
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more decidedly diuretic or diaphoretic if the patient be kept warm
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authority. Dr. Westphal of Berlin had also arrived independently at
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one solution of the problem. With no srwcrs. and no stream
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Paul Bert of Paris has proposed the method of admin
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have been severely tried. It is to be feared that many
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instance I was led to suspect the presence of this form of the
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tion. In this way schirrus has sometimes been completely separated
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bounded by ragged edges of necrotic substance with here and
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medical titles and authority. We have been shown a letter re
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two evils between leaving the patient in the most wretched condition in
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and circulation are less rapid everything points to real improvement.
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scraped and cut off but with some difficulty and set apart lor
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lute certainty whether cocci which to the eye appear to
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other domestic animal is allowed to flow into sterile flasks con
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and expiratory. It may be accompanied by stridor. In the later stages
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those Jesuits estates which have in our own time given
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Specimen of Congenital Defect of the Interauricular
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caused by a piece of dirty wood block. Animal very stiff barely
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M. M. Venefedlion when the cough is attended with inflamma
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constitute the stretcher section. The medical equipment of the
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based his ojjinion on the fact that chemical operations which
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have been elucidated and most notably complete works
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perforation into the respiratory digestive or urinai tracts and dis
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Technical Assistant University Surgical Labtjratory for the photo
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dyes is given in English by Wenyon and another by Nabarro.
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gical limits the better will it work and the longer will it last.
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up its prestige and stimulate the North to still warmer emulation.
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and expiratory. It may be accompanied by stridor. In the later stages
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tell the tale. From this focus the disease was conveyed to differ
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following this successively by sections on the dynamic affections
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Another operation which shows that the procedure made with
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ounces of Squibb s chloroform and swallowed two ounces.
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changes. He can tle.x the leg past a right angle and is
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observation by myself and a medical colleague were necessary to decide