solution which potentially could extend widely the usefulness of this test.

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over the medical means of treatment and in this term I include

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The main object of cremation societies for some time

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muscles of the hands. It is most often met with in young persons.

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How to Know It. In some cases Ihc only means of detecting the

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for the two diseases specially named. Dr. Russell urges that every

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identity quality purity or strength of all substances for

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equal diminution or a total abftinence from fermented liquors with

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heat may be detected but in some cases these symptoms

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have published their results on this subject. The present paper is a

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articulation beyond its normal range of motion so that

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be narrowed down to even a shorter compass than it now

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ver great will the cerebral functions be affected. Hence

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a small sized adenoid which has not perhaps interfered

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which one limb was thus separated from the other. The

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or cirsoid aneurism. The only other possible supposition

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dicated by our observations on the occurrence of this disease are

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Sulphate of Magnesia. In plethoric cases where the liver is

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the original report of which we refer those interested as we

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IS larcelv cartilaginous the lower part onlv being osshed.

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complications in patients either not treated at all or treated by

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them according to the conditions under which the convulsions

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spurions articles of the day and families will find them

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plaints from friends in this city ivho have been vic

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litigation. It is also believed that the parties might be more

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sac by a steel wire passed down the canula and then withdrawn.

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to the disease exists in many persons analogous to the tuberculous

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was not and is not what the educated world recognizes as a

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ness hence there is no probability of its abuse.. It has not a

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tible. The eyeballs are rolled upward and their lids