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eration failed to take place in those meduUated fibers showing

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from the firmly fixed splenic and less fixed hepatic flexures

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soon his forehead, especially if he be a young man, will begin to change

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a thirty foot stud with a large interior court-yard, so

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was simply ligated, as it was believed that recovery was impossible, and every

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«gy and hlstolocy ot vertebratee with special refer-

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Stubbert^ gives a brief but fairly satisfactory re-

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the muscles of the soft |Kilate, resulting in sudden

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formations which would seem hard to improve upon. The

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Cough. — Cough is an important symptom in many diseases, and

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are also astringent. They do not pass from the blood to the

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of the grafted skin were stretched, as under normal conditions, over

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car and thrown out of his wagon, sustaining over the anterior

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after that the profits are less. This, again, shows us how

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There is no therapeutic discovery that has been so great a blessing and so great a curse to mankind as the

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ficial respiration with him: this must often be continued

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Treatment. — No observations were made on the effect of any special

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fact that the lymphatic glands in the neighborhood of the diseas-

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confidence as sustained by clinical experience and study, as follows :

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and blood for long jieriods of time yielded negative

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laxis, with destruction of the tissues and bacilli in the centre where

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an embryonic state, but so much remains to be known about its

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there was always either more or less oxygen consumed than carbonic

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to make a classification of the neuroses, which should certainly

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education and training as will fit them to deal, alone and

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psychical symptomology, and the course of the affection, but very often the

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seem that only a careful bacteriological examination would

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matter, a kidney may become displaced and gradually