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In the discussion that followed on the last three papers.

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stated, but fifteen, twelve, six, and eight ounces were

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of direct danger and certain unpleasant sequelae. About

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sufficient to cause the painful tetanic contractions. Is it

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nerve, sufficient clinical evidence is available to prove that the

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region ; bowels constipated ; urine rather scanty, sp. gr. 1028, is turbid when voided,

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periods of observation, and were under the care of a special nurse

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greenish, etc. In some cases the sputa are diffluent, watery and

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Unspeakable pains in abdomen, which go away only when the

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and more impressed with its constancy and diagnostic

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Botanic remedies for removing disease of every form,

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him the remedies usual in such cases. The appearance of black

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vessels in consequence of the destruction of erythrocytes and the con-

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Gkinnell. — In Milford, Conn., on Wednesday, July lOtii,

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Orthopedic Hospital and Infirmary for Nervous Diseases.

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chromatic anaesthesia chiefly pertaining to composite colours, especially

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limit of the duration being ten days. Frequently with the cessation of fever

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that they should be expected to rival their robust companions in walk-

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other disease, is lowered, and one will often get a history of frequent

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^lc, .-.^S _'an-.e ,:,sc .,„ Kig. ;,;- vit»o.l latorally.

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Metaphysics, nor apprehend its ultimate aim, so that

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gastrics with a strong current caused always an enormous increase of pressure,

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of industry. As a consequence, specialization had tak-

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a Committee of Arrangements to act in conjunction with the

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paroxysms commenced to assume a more violent aspect, and also to

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178-180. — Jackson (A.) Compound comminuted dislo-

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1889. Thomson, William H., M.D., 7 W. 56th St., New York.

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in brine for a very short period, or been imperfectly cured, so that the

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Cask 2. — Female, age 7 years. History : said to have had double

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tion were subject to but slight fluctuations and began to

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atrophy of cancerous tumours of the tongue, and enabling the

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cases in which the pain is altogether subordinate to a definite organic lesion ;

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Fibroid tuberculosis may occur wdth slight or no elevation of tem-

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and scarlatina were even greater than it actually is, the single fact, that

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