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zu lebcn" said the great Goethe. "Yes, 'think of living.' Thy life,
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The Charleston Medical Journal and Review. Edited and published by D.
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close reasoner, endeavored to controvert the theories of Stahl
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Send money by regiKterml or ordinary letter mt tk* mgrnCt
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It cannot be denied, that the rash and hazardous ex-
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different authors upon the origin and nature of this disease. Wise of
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l(i()7 to 17)J0, a period of sixty-three years, — ae-
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had ceased to live within a few minutes, or even a few hours, after birth. One
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stimulating diet ; in which case I should conildently expect a complete relapse.
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worker for a period of seven years, according to Chittenden's
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a calculus is present. The absence of these cells, however, in
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or inexcitable. Sometimes this phase does not immediately
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mines for itself what certificates will be accepted for
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nia fulfils all the therapeutic indications by meeting all the
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a case in which the X-ray picture gave a very strong
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Following one or more of the above symptoms, paroxysms of wicked
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cal connections, neither following nor preceding any appreciable
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number (plethora) is rare, but is found in cyanosis, especially that due to
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C0PNEV;'Dr.A.P.STEWAKT; Dr.TuuBs; Mi-.Hoar; Dr. Okailv
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phrases, are more apt to be carried out by enthusiastic disciples
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affection, vesicles having the distinctive characters of vaccinia have some-
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closely related to hysteria and that indeed the most
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a fourth, born on April 27th, 1905, but he died of convulsiona
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hints on palliative treatment. There are new and fully illus-
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this time all patients may be divided into two groups: those
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little above the normal ; but in severe cases it may rise steadily to
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in his bed, suggested the possibility of suicide. About
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of intestine in strangulated hernia (G. H. Makins, C.B.) . 183
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point of view, it seems improbable that a good effect could be
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ihat point and have begun to execute motions a little more
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stain on the skin after the needle has been removed. Dr.
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into the thorax are blocked by the high intrathoracic pressure, intra-
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" With regard to the origin of the disease of the vessel-wall
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not indicate that the lesion is the result of hemorrhage. Nevertheless,
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strength, and her voice quite clear and natural. She took tlu'ough-
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In an experience somewhat longer, with but few deaths from pneu-
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of the other is from time to time confused ; and that a number of
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It may last but a few days or weeks, and may recover as sud-
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diarrhcea during an epidemic of cholera, to watch carefully the c
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hypertrophied heart down to the conditions of an attenuated