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measured in a graduated glass as spoons vary greatly in size. Drops
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to late hours in the morning is injurious to health and therefore to
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unless sterilized by boiling or pasteurized by heating for ten
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cation was much less common. Usually too hurried or vigorous
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ent and often severe enlargement of lymph glands es
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disease may be prevented or modified and greatly limited in its spread
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while death by shock is a true paralysis of the heart. The evidence
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in the more short lived and acute fevers. These apparent differences are
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transformation of the round into spindle shaped cells there
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test with adenovirus antisera appears to be somewhat more consistent
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Scotland whilst in no fewer than cases of rabies in dogs were
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the premonitory stage. Later while any medicines will act these
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Consultative Council on Medical and Allied Services
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Wadsworth William H. MJ. Resident Physician Episcopal Hospital Phila
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tion. After the appearance of the cachexia the quality of the blood