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1 33. Wasilicffon the Influence of Calo7nel on Peptic
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a pox peculiar to their kind; the forms seem closely allied. They
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humour was evidently mixed with blood. Next day the other
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bristles from a brush." The membranes are more or less adherent. Wilks
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cross-cut neuroglia fibers, certain of which are in the peripheral layer of the
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cases to this origin. Dr. Fernald, in his paper at the
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Mr. Davies Colley made an incision under carbolic spray in the left loin, about
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menon of a universal eruption of coiv-pock teas observed, so that
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out tlie world. Reprints will l>e furnished In pay-
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cases in which no burrows could be found, but under
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We have not seen cases of " epidemic stupor," but gather from various
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blood, made a very distinct advance in the physiological
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Egan. — In New York, on Saturday, September 14th, Marie
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reflex action will be produced. The first objective symptom to be
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of the Acting Secretary of War, reassigned to duty as attend-
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come originally from the lungs or from the stomach. In copious
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with births. The mention of a physician's name in con-
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apparently recovered in thirteen weeks, but, three months later, died after
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establish an abnormal condition, operating as a predisposing cause of all
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Rarely, in malignant cases, is the eruption petechial.
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fers materially from hyoscin in a chemical point of
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on the whole, find little to induce a change in their methods.
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of Dr. Ware, the apoplectic seizure occurred ten years after recovery from
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store of knowledge and to our record of cases. One case of my own
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and prominent above, and flattened at the sides ; over the
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Use of privy vaults, first (\n years 28 per cent. ; for
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Coincident Affections of Other Organs. — The bladder is rarely
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tracted through going on a drinking bout with Ben Jon-
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recommended Tartar Emetic in the treatment of fevers and other diseases, still there
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me which feels nicer." In a later series of observations the
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lent discharge, which rapidly grew less in quantity. At first he
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tion of food taking place usually during the act of eat-
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Abdominal Cavity. — When the abdomen was opened, about thirty fluidounces of
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condition is often not recognized partly because slight
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many patients experience when they know their own blood, as they
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verity until 7 o'clock. As this lady had, in all her confinements, been
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only to divide the ascertained value by the half of the like measured '2P.
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Dr. Brinton makes a division of the ordinary course of mtestinal
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' oldest — twenty-seven months. An accident which oc-
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the urine was scanty and albuminous, no opiate was administered.
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ataxia, the most frequent symptom is nystagmus, which may begin at