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tions of the retina, that is, that he could only see for a short distance and

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The spleen is apt to be enlarged, and there is catarrh of the

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common; sometimes fretfulness of mind, and tossing from side to side. In se-

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class and in deplorable ignorance. Mr. Cornish estimates

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the Pharmacy Yearbook and Pharmacy Week. We are the only College

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(1) Absolute alcohol plus 1 per cent strong ammonia for forty-eight hours

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mobility : to a certain extent, the cartilage could be made to ride

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is being conducted. I then, or not infrequently before my exami-

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the Alchemists of the middle ages, who frequently turned their

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good, and different sections of the State were fairly represented.

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with that of the bronchi, and microscopic investigation

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and dipped frequently in the antiseptic solution when

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,Prof. Delpech. February, March, 1830. (In exchange.)

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hour until the outbreak of sweat, when there was a marked rise in the

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several cases of trifling bleeding following operations in the

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a time he got some relief by taking pills of aloes three times a day, and the mass

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ing position with the foot in the strong portion, supinated as

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plants, but it seems wiser to direct attention to a few very


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should do what lies in our power to combat what i»

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B. F. Davenport, M. D., Professor of Practical and Analytical

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removing rather less skin and considerably more deep fascia

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removal of the tongue — that was a dose of antistreptococcic

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sciatics and over posterior tibial nerves on both sides ;

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ing, and this, perhaps, is partly the reason why the paroxysms

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tion. Salary negotiable; excellent fringe benefits.

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the opini<')n of the newspaper world. Everything that I said to

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