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coming of the physical savior, who could amputate the material sin of

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rarely, profound anemia from loss of blood. There is slight leukocytosis

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A small indigenous, found in some of our forests, growing

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fallen asleep. When he tried to get out of the car,

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latter when it attacks the face. That this sign shall be available, the

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pioneers in the care of her own afflicted ones. The essentials are

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WANTED: — General physician and surgeon and obstetrician and gynecologist

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To be had »t Messrs. Lahiri & Co., 36 College Street,

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lieved by local bleeding, blisters, and setons to the neck; but

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three times a day, until an eruption was produced ;

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should be taken, but he felt that they had hit upon

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6. That laparotomy in penetrating gunshot wounds of the

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tion offered by the muscles of the abdominal wall to the

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tuberances or out-growths at the sites of the ossific centres of the frontal

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roundings wliirh give relief to mental care and supply

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of human suffeinng and death would be vastly greater."

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in telling us the number of chUdi-en produced by fer-


the utmost exertion in his power. Every gentleman appeared per-

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especially the left ; still later both were active and equal, and ultimately

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is the great channel of infection ; the alimentary tract is rarely

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ulation. The nasal processes of the maxillary bone were

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anesthetic action on the nerve-centers creates the im-

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in obese persons of middle age it is usually of a mild type, and the progno-

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sitional forms were seen between the large uninuclear

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the nuclei of cells appear red and any bacteria present capable of

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of our children by death, and many more crippled and maimed for life.

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of the zone of upward spread of cancer from the rectum, whereby

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early development of fecal vomiting, prostration, etc. Internal hernia

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distended by an eccentric pulsating force, and the superficial veins

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vulsions, and restlessness and excitability. Subsequently

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positive Wassermann may be obtained by using the same dilution

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