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evolved in the brain over millennia "to facilitate... attach-

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of temperature, may suffice to evoke the sensation ; or

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bill to be presented to the Legislature. The Rev. Dr.

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potatoes should be given to the amount of from two to

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surface and washes this after a few seconds. He states that very satis-

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we are doing all in our power to "restore the balance," or to make the milk

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being slightly lower than theirs; in any case the error would

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to the cost of medical care, as the costs of medical

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swelling, too, in other glands is better defined and more circumscribed,

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ammonium. In connection with this it is of interest to note that

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views are contended for : one, that the brain originates ; the other, that

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**The larger reduction in the mortality rate from diph-

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scholarly and practical study which I have ever read.

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medical officers of your Majesty's navy ; colonel, according to the date of completion

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the stomach, we have resulting an obstruction to the normal stomach

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tion, but from above, large quantities of crude quicl^silver have been

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forty-eight hours, showed the presence of a small amount of albumin.

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difficulty that he could get out of bed owing to the most

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their mutual protection against their archenemy the

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enthusiasm in radium is apt to lead the doctor who possesses any

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after they have remained quiescent for a little while.

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The first child born was six months old when we removed one eye, and

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the past year. The sixth volume contained three Portraits, and a lith-

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formerly supposed to be very rare, but this has been since found

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the surrounding atmosphere. Of these preparations, only such as

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impress made on the skin had disappeared (looking procedure). The

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Various Fractures ; Simple and Compound. A Clinical

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Four cases of cancer were I'eceived this year ; in three the axillary

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is entirely lacking, and the large alveoli in the submucosa extend all the way to the suifacf,

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flow slowly from a pipet and settle upon the acid. The presence of albumin

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UlKjn the other hand, the alcohol idiosyncrasy of some

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History. — James M'Queenie, set 27, a tailor — admitted June 23d, 1853. Has

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development of pathogenic micro-organisms and her subse-

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but if the fits have ceased and the uterus is quiescent,

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irritable state of the mucous membrane of the mouth and stomach which

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was heallhy, but many of the arched fibres going to it

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drium. The frontal sinuses contained a jelly-like mucus, and a number of

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the statistics of the amputation, even under the most favourable circum-

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The ability to cure disease without the use of medi-

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Prize Essay, — The Boylston Committee of Harvard University have

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and the areola is apt to be much more diffuse. There is also

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vorgegangen aus ( iner compliciiten Fractur des Sprnng-

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walked with difficulty. There was no evidence of myositis

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plete removal of dropsical effusions of great ina<^itude

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nous portion of the urethra. The difficulty in using the

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existence of a centre for writing movements seems to have been based

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