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comes distended, it dribbles away. There is incontinence of feces.

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worms may be carried from one to another by the hands. Those who have

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grains. Often there is some constitutional defect attending these condi-


will be established. On one side of this line is healthy tissue, on the

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with such severity and with such a coarse, grating tone, that it has re-

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but little altered. Low forms of pneumonia are liable to occur in hypostatic

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prolapse occurs, and causes the most intense suffering. At no time does

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A laryngoscopic examination is rarely possible in this class of patients.

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the above procedure is hardly necessary. In making the incision in the

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Treatment. — In sacro-iliac disease, there is a condition of curvature

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moderately fluid dejections, sometimes accompanied by exhaustion, rarely

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commonly composed of cholesterin, and its color is due to a mixture of

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Auscultation. — The bronchial respiration that was present in the second

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of crumpling parchment, than the crackling sound of the creijitant rdle;

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eral debility, malnutrition, or sudden alteration of the patient's habits.

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inflammation. In the acute cases an acute muco-purulent bronchitis is

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Contused Wound. — A contused wound is one in which the wound

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of the affected side does not follow acute pleurisy except in rare instances,

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a scanty muco-purulent expectoration ; at other times the cough will be

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The l)r(>iiclii aiv ii( times tluckciicd, !i( limes (hinncd. liroiicliit'Ctutic

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membrane of the fauces is not intensely injected, and the fever docs not

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Colorado and about the Rocky Mountains. But there is one gi'ave objec-

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intense mental strain and anxiety, may so disturb the nervous mechanism

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lowed by an autopsy which shows the intestines matted together by recent

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added to a tin cup of boiling water makes a serviceable antiseptic solu-

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formation or structure. They are tubular and acinous.

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when it arises from constitutional vice, or from previously existing disease

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dence of a tumor with slow accumulation of fluid in the pleural cavity oc-

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water enemata, arc the most successful methods of treatment. If there is

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Symptoms. — Hydatids of the lung, Avhen small, give rise to no symptoms

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Section of Lung in Third Stage of Lobar Pneumonia, showing the Alveoli filled with Granular Matter and

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layers ; even the subcutaneous fat may be infiltrated with blood. No

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In doth gilt, 8vo, 882pp., price lOs. 6d.. by poet, lis.

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is uniform throughout its entire substance. This varies in degree in