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with both hands, one above close upon the other ; and the res\ilt was
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and endorsement. The following extract from an introductory address
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of the patient by the unexpected escape of fluid. On again looking at
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when quiescent or depressed, and again when he labours under acute
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ports of surgical cases during the Winter Session. — The Thorp Scholar-
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and after the absorption of the iron into the blood he improved the con-
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in Ireland, and Physician to the House of Industry Hospitals at Dublin,
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instructive matter, which we must, however, pass over, merely thank-
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fcetid stench from cabbage-water is at once removed by chlor-alum,
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was bomb-proof, but the shells raked the wards from window to win-
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with asphalte), etc. Some of the barracks are surrounded with galleries,
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consideration of ^5000 presented to the College by the late Rev. S. W.
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The diagnosis of one of these diseases thus affords, -by a negative pro-
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the Fellows present shall consent, he shall, on complying with the Re-
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and the rules laid down by Sir James Simpson in connexion with this
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the suffering entailed by legitimate physiological inquiries, or any
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fever, the immense majority suffering from relapsing fever. In addition
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Dr. Deville (Harrogate) writes : — " In the Journal of August i :5th, I find in the
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and for degrees in those years in which University residence is not re-
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Mr. Richards, not later than Thursday, twelve o'clock.
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chitis, catarrh, and kindred affections — and they h,ive enabled their
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exercise a wholesome stimulus upon the Colleges ; but at present the
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amination at the next annual meeting. The principal points of the Bill,
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and with wide mouths, closing with corks, are filled about half-full
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nificent natural promenade close to the breaking waves, where un-
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ation of Joints will be examined and discussed ; and the altered relation
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tive reply were received, a visit was paid to the house where fever ex-
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cashed." Another is transposing syllables, or rather sounds — e.g.,