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Age. As regards primary tuberculosis of the kidney practically all authors

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just named has made reference to a case seen by Dr. Dahling and

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sesses. Not until the cardiac muscle has been sufficiently

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surgeon of this town with some remarks of mine refeiring to

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a very thorough tenotomy was made taking little more than

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is the result of work of Sata Stangl Fischer Herxheimer

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maintained and it would be useless to treat the lungs locally. It will

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portals of the oesophagus and trachea as certainly to be

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to the latter of my professional qualification in no

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cellulose dissolving enzyme or by the process of putrefac

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it should challenge your intellect and nurture your

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tinal tract is without influence on digestion. Dietetic

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Resolved That the income of the Shattuck Fund not required

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restless than at the present time and it was necessary to give

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hyaline defeneration and does not yield gelatin when it is boiled.

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results of treatment of sj philis by mercur arsenical compounds

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tion of the commencement of pregnancy from the period of the last menstrual

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pretation of certain findings. The three cases of insanity were studied at the

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nective tissue are more distended their walls thickened and con

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of arthritis deformans as given here. These are the cases of arthritis which

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patients with multiple sclerosis but a large number of

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velocity of the secretion increased as the result of stimu

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Habit CJwrea. This should be distinguished from residual

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shock. It is universally taught and accepted that the

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drink a glass of water just before going into the bath and U

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to be made of a certain number of horses at a fixed price.

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this general oversight of the conditions both the direct and

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ner all had heart disease. These nodules are indeed only one indi

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plants. He detected that plants by their leaves absorb

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becoming more exact and Loosing its conjectural character. What John

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air the ground the water the buildings and the cattle. The

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to consist wholly of mucus. Says that he feels no pain whatever

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substance may also be transformed into urobilin by the action of

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I and others. The literature of apjiaratus is not at

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Treatment This remains to be a questio vexata. Having con

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insects. This they accomplish by means of a boring

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cerns the treatment of a class of cases much more common than

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he attempts to follow this advice he is quickly made aware

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of pregnancy and acute yellow atrophy of liver in the

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digested muscle fibers may be found in addition to starch and

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to operation for duodenal ulcer. The treatment consisted of liter of per

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discharge may often have a share in occasioning barrenness.

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