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months have elapsed, during which the lady has been subjected

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alvine evacuation at least once daily. Yet many, who at any rate sem

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generalities, let us now try to fix more precisely the

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which is that adopted by others in this city, and until recently by myself,

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sues, as the conversion of mucous membranes into cartilage, of

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bosis results from (1) changes in the vessel wall, (2) retardation of the blood-

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in which the treatment is to be carried out, it will be convenient

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downward direction the fifth and sixth cervical roots are most stretched,

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although the terminology therefor has not been placed on a

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2. The heavy mortality which accompanies first labours,

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were generally repeated at fifteen minute intervals, until twenty or more

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bonate of magnesia, I have for some time past been in the

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The following is a detailed list of the securities sum-

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insisted on attending to his business as usual. There were no signs of cardiac

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the profession, one on Obstetrics and the last on Gynecology. The entire set

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are more quickly dispelled under mild than under heroic medi-

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tin was -f-1.7, while that of the NagCog gelatin was -f- 1.8.

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salts. Among the salts the most important, in regard

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patients treated intra-muscularly than by other methods.

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due to dirt, irritation, etc., and the infectious varieties

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It is frequently, also, wanting for a considerable period during the pro-

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best accomplished with formaldehyde, potassium permanganate, or

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in different cases, and possibly being absent altogether; there may be a

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final complete obstruction either precipitates acute symp-

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