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face and on other parts of the body, and these may form vesicles, and
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than a vegetable diet, the amount of the former taken by the gouty should
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examination, in conjunction with the history of the case and the character of
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and mules, also closely resembles both the tubercle bacillus and the butter
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ly, we find no evidence of an intrinsic lesion in the duodenum but find
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wax and used the commei-cial "" parowax,'' applied as above. This
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The patient grows apathetic. The hands are cold and the forehead moist,
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with labour. The flallion afs alfo lafts longer than
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that the hogs may not fcent the effluvia of their bo-
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Eecent writers declare that cases of liver abscess of apparently idio-
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Sidney Martin, 445 autopsies, 9 - 4 per cent. ; Coats, 103 autopsies, 23 per
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is apt to caufe a fuppuration under the hoof, which is
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In order to give an idea of the chaotic state of knowledge of the
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of any given drug. I have seen several aspirin cases which had had severe
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dissolved in the litpiid petrohitum (or if insoluble in this, in olive
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is applied to moisten it. it will attain the consistency of thick
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diffuse, burning in character, and may go through to the back. Epigastric
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should also remember that in many of these cases the head enters the
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and the patient may die from syncope during one of these attacks. The
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child does not appear very ill. The urine may contain bile ; the faeces are
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fometimes from one, fometimes from both noftrils, a
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Symptoms. — As a rule, prodromata are absent, the disease usually
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of light, and so acted as mirrors to reflect the light. The rays of light
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leakage of a localised perityphlitic abscess, which may have been a week
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poulterer's stall, bidding for meat, fish, and game that are already in an ad-
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in the lungs. Marfan believes that the so-called scrofula has a protective
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skin, vomiting, giddiness, abortion amongst pregnant women, arrest of the
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action upon the uterus has been known to the European peasantry
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tion of Seneca rattle-fnake root, vvhicli vomits plen-
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middle fize, rather fm^U than large ; the paces of the
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the tobacco, the idiosyncrasy of the patient, and the relation of the smoking
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the right iliac fossa. The distinction between the two conditions can be
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Prn . J ; ;f "''^ ^"^ Whooping cough vaccines, distributed by the
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dilute phosphoric acid with a bitter infusion suits better than an alkaline.
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to half an ounce ; Aloes, to an ounce and a half, or
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their hair falls off eafily : the infedion adhering to
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muscular atrophy in so far as there is a diminution of irritability to both
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dodlor had given us a more circumftantial defcripti-