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the amount of milk taken. The advantage in this method is that the
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speculations on the absorptive actions of the sun's atm.osphere, that if
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rhage, erysipelas, which is very apt to supervene, and
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Water from swamps is usually highly colored, the degree of color de-
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for re-examination until after the expiration of one year from
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have already observed, demonstrated that the cerebellum is the centre of
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belonging to the same class. Erb suggests that saltatorial spasms will
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and solicitude for the advancement of his students, reciprocated on their
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1907 a. — Ictere et hemorragies chez un heredo-syphilitique. Anemie et myele-
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yet a brief word may be here said on the subject of therapy. Too great
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forgotten it? M. Bouisson established the strous phantasms, encounter, as we suppose,
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a loujxcr time is recjuired to retluce the luxat<'d head than if it had
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should be used, but firmness, for the eye must be thoroughly cleansed.
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preceded or followed by radiation, the author states that this is unneces-
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inal pain. Cold preceded illness. Would suspect frank pneumonia
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every case he examined — forty-three in all — and gener-
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examination at the end of the first year, because he has taken only one course in most of the
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recurrences, even after long afebrile periods, are often seen. Then
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been recommended, but most of them fortunately have
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As the uterus increases in s'ze within the pelvis, it
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Tiie prognosis is generally favorable, the complications and accidents which
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long axis of a big foetus into the transverse axis of the uterus. At this
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cerine solution with a j^robe, and repeated this in a few
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are utterly destitute of the basis derived from diagnosis, and
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Dr. W.'s description of the symptoms of glaucoma is extremely imper-
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plentifully of cold water, iced if possible ; though the
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It is easy, now, to perceive how a frozen part is to be thawed. It
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would have taken place. It is interesting, in relation to the pathology of the brain, to
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and to the savage ; they are both instigated by lust.
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duty at Fort Stevens, Oregon. — Par. 2, S. O. 14^, Department of
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Bowman's retirement from King's College Hospital, some
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suture line was buried by one row of interrupted peritoneal
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for profit. Our catalog cards are sold for profit by a private
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cult, but still comparatively easy, the Nitze or the Freudenberg instrument
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5. Prior to each legislative session outline our legislative
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hesions ; fifth, to emphasize a desirable method of con-
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sufficient size, easy access, and facility of nursing and discipline ;
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defects than any one connected with this great work.
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until the morbid process against which it is contending is exhausted. Ar-
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in the cases studied at this hospital, proves the great importance of a
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In the illustrations of the different operations for ajDplying