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finelj-reticulated basement substance. By the naked eye they are

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restored, but if allowed to remain displaced until this new bone

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“Equally important is the need to start, now, a state

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August when the weather is hot and dry ; occurs in irregular,

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by each member of the Executive Committee of the Section be-

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(cf. p. 568). In most of the cases reported by Ferrier, Jackson, Bourne villa,

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was simply a tamponade of the cavity and no suture of the rup-

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gut fermentation syndrome treatment

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of soda, applied to the diphtheritic patches, has been found useful. The

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this way correct conclusions can be reached much more speedily and

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under whose immediate supervision the cases were treated and the

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Couvulsions and Malaria. By Frederick Hill Stanbro, M.D.,

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ered the wound with a piece of rubber dam. In favor-

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which I have found the same lotion invaluable is in that

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one family, who were removed against their consent, and that of their

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'ult to estimate its effects on a disease which is, as

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phy of the nerves is secondary, and a consequence of the degeneration

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415-418. . Ein Fall von Rosenfeti.scbisinus. Ibid.,

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and at a maturer age, when men become sensible of their proo^ress in

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The Campagna di lioma, so celebrated for its pernicious fevers, is in-

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There is no history of injury to the head, or of causes of tuberculosis.

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gland, point rather to the conclusion that the joint-symp-

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set up inflammatory action, or else in cases where sloughing has taken

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but as the expression of a general law, which has been formulated by Ferrier,

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footed excoriation from a non-infeoted one. The extirpatioaof anil*

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this cavity was not shown even by the operation, which occurred two

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Alexandria and Cairo, Egypt, are backward in following in

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every twenty is paralysis of the left recurrent nerve of the larynx

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bolized, etc., the same as any other kind. It comes

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eightieth birthday treated the audience, which he had invited

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[The unbroad thistle : it hath a thistly head.] pratenn*.

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ascertain the circumstances conducive to the development of the one

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rooms of a small growth and of gaudy colors ; some deep red,

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features. He recorded two fatal cases in patients eighteen and thirty

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