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CXI Y..The Dissertation furnished by each Member shall be read firom
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by the elasticity of the maternal tissues is insisted on and in
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virulence. Under certain circumstances they may live a very long time
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general relief. I have already made arrangements for observations
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thyroid pulsations. There was a visible precordial im
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the perineal wound and down to healthy urethra well
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Mercurv Compounds in Tuberculoisis op Gi inea Pigs
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there is much more sickness and mortality than is generally
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nary complications we should carefully regard the breathing and
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prove the innocent nature of the affection depending as
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isolation is necessar and nurses should be specially warned as to
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measure of attention. Its theory is clearly and carefully described
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off by the compres gt ion of the bloodvessels the source
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Elliotson who recommended prussic acids and other narcotics
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ued with instructions to give the medicine regularly through the
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elements seem in certain cases to smother the nerve cells. The starting
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it died. Of his experiments the most interesting is
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earnest entreaty of Mr. Simon the able and zealous Medical Officer
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